This is the blog of myself, Mike Sammons. I am the Proprietor and a part owner of 13 celsius wine bar. I am also a lover of all things intriguing. e.g. people, music, art, history, literature and… wine. This blog will focus on new, interesting and engaging wine. My goal is to tell you about wines you have not yet heard of and to hasten the emergence of a new wine culture based on the exploration of the new. Like the life I live, this blog will highlight the good things in life: friends, art and love of craft. I am also set upon delivering fresh, lively content at regular intervals so that you, dear reader, are not only intrigued, but equally challenged, to think about wine in a new, open and experimental way… in short, this blog is about the revolution of wine on the American scene. Also, this blog will be well written and grammatically correct at all times, regardless as to whether I’ve been imbibing the elixir or not… which I will, most likely, be doing.

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