Difficult to describe… 13 celsius is a wine bar. It is an entity that both fills and is filled by the space it occupies… does that make sense? The building is old and strange and unique. Together, the wine program and the building marry to create a dynamic, engaging and ultimately orignial experience. From its birth, 13 was designed as a place through which Houstonians (and visiting folk) could enter and find themselves transported to somewhere distant, odd, far-away and beautiful. Our wine program is intense and dedicated to bringing new and exciting wines to our patrons. We also support a rather large and diversified beer program. We pour great, locally-roasted coffee from our good friend Max of Amaya Roasting. We aim to provide great service and wine education while at the same time servicing your random nights out with a friend. We are not a restaurant, but we do serve the city’s best pannini and seriously awesome cured meats and cheeses. Our bar is designed for small parties… we love first dates and anniversaries… we will take care of you in the best way possible no matter what… however, you should be aware that we are special, we are unique and we are… basically, pretty weird. We don’t advertise, so we work by the word-of-mouth concept. We take our time and deliver the best quality that we can… from wine selection to cheese plates. Yes, we will take our time to get you your wine-accompanying bites, but they will be delicious. We are not Red Lobster and we do not cater to the masses. Rather, we work to give those of you in “the know” the things you want. 13 is a delicate and demanding entity… she needs so much to deliver the things she wants to deliver… but, she is beautiful and she is always striving for perfection…

As a side note: this bar has ruined my life. I am obsessed with cleanliness and the delicate and time-consuming processes of wine storage (and pouring). We keep all wines in a cellar maintianed at 13 degrees celsius in an effort to replicate the divine situation of selecting an European wine cellared at the undergroud temperature of 13 c that never fluctuates. The idea is that when you come to 13, your wine will come to you in the most pristine and unaltered fashion possible. Imagine walking down, into the cellar of a fine Chatreau of Bordeaux… would you expect a hot bottle of wine? No, you would not… It should come to you cool and readily drinkable… and always perfectly delicious.

And that’s what we do at 13.

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